KiN VoIP digital Home Phone service Available Now on the KiN network!

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This has been an important goal for us for some time and has now been deployed successfully by our own office since 2017, and by the Village of Kaslo in the newly renovated Village Hall and Village works yard. Our fibre connections are all served by Genexis devices that contain two standard analogue telephone ports. Subscribers are now being served in fibre service areas. For example, the residential user bundles below have significant cost benefits compared to the alternative. By adding a basic phone service of only $19.95 to your fibre connection, see below your total payable per month before tax.
  • Fibre 10 with 150GB Data and Phone with unlimited Local & Long Distance:                                    $72.90/month
  • Fibre 25 with unlimited data and Phone with unlimited Local & Long Distance:                              $99.90/month
KiN includes unlimited in and outbound long-distance service for the 10 Canadian Provinces, and 48 Continental US States in your monthly service charge. Inbound long distance from the rest of the world is also included. And yes, you can keep your existing phone number. Business bundles are also available, for details or to request service, call our office at 250-353-2305. We are testing KiN Home phone on our wireless networks now and will announce the results shortly.