About Kaslo infoNet

The Kaslo infoNet Society (KiN) is a non-profit society formed in 1996 to build a community access network for Kaslo and its neighbouring communities. KiN is dedicated to achieving local access to global information and creating a presence for the North Kootenay Lake communities on the World Wide Web.

In early 1997, KiN received a grant from Industry Canada to create official Community Access Project (CAP) sites at both the Kaslo Public Library and J.V. Humphries School. KiN provided the community with basic Internet services and hosted a server for other non-profit organizations in Kaslo and surrounding area to post Web Pages. In 2005, we web-hosted for over 30 community service organizations. Our dial-up internet service was at one time the only way people in the 250-366 telephone exchange could get online with a local call.

In 2006, KiN began planning to create a wireless high-speed community access network for North Kootenay Lake, starting with Meadow Creek and Lardeau. Throughout 2006-2007, the network was designed and funded*, and construction began, connecting our first high-speed customers in spring 2007. We now offer high-speed internet service to Lardeau, Meadow Creek, Cooper Creek, Howser, Argenta, and Johnson’s Landing as well as the areas surrounding Kaslo Village: Shutty Bench, Schroeder Creek, Fletcher Falls/Twin Bays, and Mirror Lake. We are increasing the robustness and reliability of our network on an ongoing basis.

KiN is managed by a small group of hard-working volunteers, and our staff operates and supports our network.

*Funding for our Wide-area wireless community access network was provided by generous grants from: