Sign Up Forms and Services

Sign-up forms are available online or at the office:

If you are a tenant, you will need permission from the property owner in order to get Fibre to your house. Instructions for submitting your sign-up form are below under the tab Get Connected.

KiN uses Dynamic IP addresses on all plans by default.  Upgrade to one Static IP for  $9.95/month.

In the case of Wireless, the cost of installation depends on its difficulty. A typical installation will take 2.5 hours and cost $100 (+ tax = $112).  It includes up to 100′ of cable, with extra cable at $0.50 per foot. 

Customer Premises Equipment (or radio) is required for your high-speed connection. It mounts on a normal satellite TV-style arm and needs to be pointed to one of our distribution towers. Cable is then run neatly to your computer. For long cable runs beyond 100′, an extra charge will apply at a rate of $0.50 per foot. If you have more than one computer or own a laptop or other wireless device, we recommend using a wireless-capable router to share the connection within your home (optional). KiN can sell you a router if needed (several are available, just ask about models and pricing) and configure it for you during the initial installation. If you want us to run cat5e Ethernet cable inside your house for your internal network, the charge is $50/hr for labour and $0.50/ft for cable.

In the event of a reconnection for an existing client not requiring a visit, a reconnection fee of $25 will be charged.

Our service relies heavily on a clear line of sight to our distribution towers. Your installer can determine the best setup for you during a site survey.

In the case of Fiber, installation including the first 50 m of cable is free (for a limited time only).

In the month of your signing up for installation,  your service is free. For example, if you sign up on the 15th of the month, the remainder of that month is free.

A symmetrical connection means that data can be downloaded and uploaded at the same speed simultaneously without compromising your surfing experience. All our fibre service offerings are symmetrical. In today’s world, users’ needs are increasing as they are relying heavily on online video and photo uploads, cloud storage services as well as running on multiple devices. 

In the case of wireless, the monthly fee listed  is inclusive of a $5/month radio rental fee.  KiN uses a monthly rental system for wireless radios.  KiN will cover warranty for the radio for any defect and will replace any radio under the $5/month plan that is no longer functional.  KiN will maintain ownership of the radio, which may be replaced by KiN at KiN’s discretion.

An application form needs to be filled out and sent to for ALL inquiries.

Sign-up forms are available online (see above) or outside the KiN office door, at 404 Front Street, Suite 1, upstairs.

Instructions for Submitting your Sign-Up Form: 

1.  Print (or pick up) a copy of the Sign-Up Form and fill it out.

2.  Sign your form.

3.  Slip a completed form through the mail slot at the KiN office (Suite 1 – 404 Front Street), OR scan a copy of your signed form and email it to, OR fax a copy of your signed form to KiN’s office at 250-353-2041.

4.  We will contact you to arrange a site survey and/or installation for your service.

Thank you!

The process for membership is as follows: only subscribers can be members, and a membership fee of $5.00/year is paid. A permanent record of active and non-active members will be kept in a register.

A current customer, employee, Board member or nominated Board member of the Society may apply to the Board for membership in the Society, and the person becomes a member on the Board’s acceptance of the application and payment of the membership fee.  All memberships are valid until the following February 28th.  In order to vote at a General Meeting of the Society, members must have been a member for at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

To serve on the KiN board requires membership in KiN. Current board members of KiN can vote in a member to the board who has just joined (i.e., has a membership though not a ‘current’ one).

We need new members!

  • If you are already a subscriber please let us know by writing us at or phone us at 250-353-2305 (press 1) and the $5 membership fee will be added to your bill.